Kiper’s 2017 Main Board: calculating under to manuscript day.

Would you assume it’s previously April ? The Tony Romo saga has ended , and now we’re much less than four weeks from the 2017 draw up .

My most recent Big Market elements five new potential customers from my last update , which include an under-the-radar pass-rusher from the AAC . A notation that the is how I rate the top 25 potential customers in this course .

Keep an eye the new two-round mock from Todd McShay or me at this point , and let’s discover it :

Notes : Write-ups here won’t repair much . One asterisk tells us a junior , and two asterisks imply a redshirt sophomore for the 2016 period of time .
1 . *Myles Zak , DE , Texas A&M

Last rank : 1 | Watch pinpoints

Garrett is the best hope within this draft , and I’ve needed the guy atop my Big Market since early in the 2016 period of time . At the incorporate , he ran a senseless 4 .64 40-yard crash and had a 41-inch vertically jump and 10-foot-8 massive jump , all at 6-foot-4 , 272 unwanted weight . Zak had a difficult 2016 season , hampered by an excellent ankle sprain he suffered in tardy September , and his 8 .5 sacks were down from his freshman absolute of 11 .5 and sophomore entire of 12 .5 . Any time he’s on , he’s a marvelous , holistic pass-rusher .


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