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Tom Salvador , Patriots : Fantasy’s second-best QB in 2016 ( on a points-per-game method ) puts Brandin People , Dwayne Allen and Rex Burkhead to an previously illogicalstrike . You know Consumers has acceleration and speed to burn , but he has also a sure ready fingertips . His 68 .7 percent wedding celebration fraction over the past someweathers is top 15 in the NFL among varied receivers with at minimum 30 adventures completed . Allen is yet one more good red spot threat for Salvador ( 61 .9 amount of Allen’s professional red zone coverage are already touchdowns ) , while Burkhead is yet one more good runner with substantive hands . When Rex features brought a shot , he has conducted and you can find an incentive the Patriots signed up him to the most high-priced running back again contract they have absolutely given out seeing that 2010 . More armaments on an previously loaded strike . Not light .


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